Do Quality Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders Truly Exist?

bird seed feeders squirrel proofFew things are more irritating to avid birdwatchers than to see all of the seed in your birdfeeder being snatched up and devoured by squirrels. The seed was purchased in order to attract birds, not to provide an ongoing feast for the neighborhood squirrels. Because these furry invaders are certain to frighten away all of the birds you had hoped to watch, it is important to find a solution that preserves the seed for the guests you meant to invite.

It is important to understand that squirrels are incredibly savvy little creatures. They possess impressive athleticism and have the ability to eat their way through almost anything. Their driving force is food, and they will go to great lengths to get it if they sense that it is near. If your feeder is made of wood or perhaps plastic, you have likely already realized that a bird seed feeders squirrel proof model is essential if you are to stand any chance of halting the progress of these diminutive invaders.

Fortunately, feeders do exist that will facilitate the birds' ability to reach the seed while simultaneously thwarting the squirrels. In fact, there is a wide range of feeders that can help accomplish this goal.

You can choose among spinning versions, those that use weight shifting as a means to stop the squirrels, models that are wired and other sorts of designs intended to keep squirrels from feasting on your seed.

Ultimately, it is worth spending some time determining which squirrel proof bird feeders are best for your needs. But, you must also take care to make sure it is placed in the right spot. There are some techniques that can help with this task. The first thing to do is to find a spot that is roughly 10-12 feet from any other surface.

See if you can locate your feeder in a central yard location that is not terribly close to trees, as squirrels can use them to leap to the birdseed. If your feeders rest on poles, it makes good sense to add some grease along them to prevent the little climbers from reaching them. Mentholated chest rubs work well for this purpose. While this trick may cost a little bit of money, the scent of the rub will send the squirrels scurrying for certain.

Perhaps the most effective way to keep squirrels away from your birdseed is to search for a feeder with holes that are big enough for birds to access food, but also small enough to keep anything larger from getting in. Many bird watchers favor feeders featuring a wooden perch that drops down and blocks its entryway any time squirrels climb on. Such feeders also boast adjustable weight features which can be tweaked so that you lure just the birds you wish to see while keeping squirrels at bay. These really do provide the best of all possible solutions.