Build a Garden Shed Door That is secure

When most people build sheds it is to store unwanted items and so the door is rarely given a second thought. That being said you certainly do not want anyone to simply pull open your somewhat flimsy garden shed door and walk away with your personal belongings. You might as well put everything in a garage sale and earn a few dollars instead of putting all that effort into building a garden shed. This is why it makes sense to invest some time and effort in building a sturdy door which can then be secured to the shed. If you want to purchase a pre fabricated door then make sure that it is the strongest door being sold.

The Weakest Link

The weakest link in most garden shed doors are the hinges which become lose after developing large holes. These holes mainly develop due to banging and frequent hitting of your stuff against the doors or the doors slamming due to the wind. This is why you may want to make sure that your door is large enough to accommodate taking in and out large items. You will also want to use multiple heavy duty hinges with a max of 2 inch spacing between them. This will help distribute the weight of the door evenly across the frame of the shed and reduce the chances of your door falling off anytime soon.

Building Your Own Door

When building your own garden shed door make sure to choose lumber. You can choose between finish cut or rough cut but the important thing to keep in mind for you here is that the lumber should be completely dry because if this is not the case it can shrink by as much as an inch within a few days or weeks. Also use 1 inch think lumber to build your door.

The next step is to measure the frame of the door (where the door will fit) and cut your boards exactly to that size. You should also put the cut out board against the frame for one final measurement. The next step is to cut the lumber that you’ll use as braces for the door. Generally, 3 pieces should suffice because one will go across the top of the door, the other on the bottom and the longer piece fits diagonally forming a ‘Z’ shape. You can then either glue or nail these pieces together.

The final step is to measure the hinges on the door jamb attached to your shed. Once done simply screw in the hinges to the frame and to the door. You can then finish things off with a handle or latch with a lock to your door. If you live in a particularly damp region make sure to apply a few coats of weather shielding paint. You can also top things off with some oil paint which will give the door a good shine.


Apart from installing a wooden shed door on your shed you can also opt for a metal door. However, metal doors are very expensive and may require that you weld the door to the hinges. You will also need to make sure that the door is not too heavy because if that is the case it will simply become lose and fall away from the frame of your shed.