Factors To Keep In Mind When Building a Lean to Shed

Homeowners decide to build a lean to shed for many reasons. Most center on storing belongings and protecting them, plus, providing extra space for the home. Whether you need to store your garden tools or stuff just lying round the house, a lean to shed is a very effective and affordable way to keep them protected.

A lean to shed is a structure that is attached to your existing home or a structure, such as your garage. The good thing about this type of shed is that you only have to build three sides, a floor, and roof. The fourth side will be one side of your home or garage to complete the shed. A lean to shed will cost you less and save you time when building the shed.

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To make this shed to look complimentary to the home or garage it is attached to, there are several important factors that you must bear in mind.

For your lean to shed to have a good look you should plan to finish it off to make it look like it was part of the original home. The design and material that is used should make the shed look like a continuous flow of the structure it is attached to. The planning stage is an important element and you should look at all your options to ensure you work with virtually no glitches down the road.

Another major factor is paying attention to the roof of the lean to shed. Whenever possible, make sure that the roof is designed to have a mono pitched. This type of roof will ensure that any water from rain or snow will flow away from the structure your lean to shed is attached to. If you don't rain water or snow may collect on top of the roof boosting the likelihood of damaging the roof of the shed or even the walls of the house of garage that the shed is attached to.

Another factor to prevent difficulties during the building of the lean to shed is to ensure the foundation where the shed is to be built is level and the shed walls are even with the wall of the house of garage. When everything is level you will encounter fewer problems when attaching the walls later on. If you do not, there will be gaps in the walls between the shed and attached structure which will allow water during a rain shower and dirt to get in the shed causing possible damage to the things that are stored.

Even more importantly though, prior to starting the lean to shed, check with your regional zoning office for permit requirement. You may have to get a permit prior adding the lean to shed to your home.